Love or Money

Is Your Ego Forcing You To Choose?

We love ego …. wait we will say that again…we love ego.

Without ego you wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning and at the same time, this part of our nature does have a way of making decisions for us that are not in our highest good.

One of its tactics is to make us choose: this or that? In our mind we believe we can never have it all.

We have noticed within our communities that this belief – I can’t have it all – is one of the big limitations of creating what you want, especially when it comes to money. Do you share this belief?

Guess what? It doesn’t have to be either/or – you can have both – love and money!

In fact, love supports the receiving of money…

During this 45-minute call you will learn:

  • Why money is so polarizing
  • How the seeds of the either/or belief get planted in your mind
  • Your pattern of either/or with love or money
  • How to begin to choose both (love and money)

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Jennifer Bloome and I, Jennifer Urezzio, want to share with others all the knowledge we used to transform our relationship with money. This spiritual money relationship management we utilized created freedom and abundance in our lives. This program is full of tangible internal and external tools you can use so you can have a relationship with money that is based on freedom and safety.
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