My Soul’s Language – Linda Graziano

Often our Souls just want to be heard. It is important to provide the forum for your Soul’s expression. Below is Linda Graziano’s Soul’s Knowing. I thought it was important to share this Image Maker’s (Axiom of Translation) awareness.

Linda Graziano

Do you know that all is well? That you are perfect just as you are, right here in this moment…. That this moment is perfect also? Give yourself permission to love yourself. When you love yourself, you are loving God/All There Is. Connecting with the love inside you will bring all the goodness in. All the good is already here. It is waiting for us to connect with it. Allow yourself to connect to the love you feel for yourself, so you can feel all the peace, happiness, joy, and love. When you feel that love inside you, you can bring that love to others. “Fill yourself up” each day by taking a few moments to just BE. Quiet yourself and just breathe slow, deep breaths. This “filling up” allows your fullness to overflow throughout your day. This overflowing will bring peace, love, openness, connection, and joy to each moment and to others around you. Trust in yourself and in the perfection of life. When you get busy and so much is going on at once, remind yourself that what you can do is breathe deeply and come back to your center. Know that all is working out perfectly….. trust.

Linda Graziano is a Certified Life Coach. Her business is called Embrace The Inner You. Linda’s personal experience with bipolar disorder has fueled her passion for helping women who are springing back from depression to connect to their heart and soul so they can sustain their wellness and lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. She developed a home study program called The Four Seasons of Your Soul, which provides tools for finding self-love and acceptance, managing feelings and thoughts, and discovering one’s life purpose. Linda lives with her 3 adolescent children and her husband in Tucson, AZ. She enjoys her days coaching, writing, and speaking on self-love and the power it has to transform lives.

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