Online Programs

Ongoing Conversations with the Divine

This home study conversations are from my 2016 Soul Expedition Academy! The mission of the Soul Expedition Academy focused on supporting explorers and individuals who concentrate on our Soul’s unfolding, with receiving ongoing support and ways to expand and tap into our Soul’s infinite information and power.

This online program will help you create consciousness and remind you that you are whole and complete so you can create from that place of power! To learn more click here.

Coming Back After Money Broke Your Heart

This three-part virtual series is designed to provide direction and strategy to rebuild and up-level your wealth consciousness.

It is about creating a new powerful relationship with wealth (which will impact every channel of receiving in your life). To learn more click here.

The Butterfly Method

We all can get lost or stuck in the creative process. I have created to The Butterfly Method to help myself and others align the creative process and bring more balance and Soul into the creative expression. To learn more click here.

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