Only Mashed Potatoes and Rice are Instant – Manifestation Takes Time

We live in an instant world, and I admit, I like it. Almost anything I want is a just click away, yet sometimes this “right now” world messes with our power to manifest. Why? Because we are convinced that if it doesn’t happen immediately, we did something wrong.

Yes, we are unlimited beings and have access to a power (God, Universe, Tree, whatever you want to call it), AND, creating anything tangible from the intangible takes time.

If you’ve ever watched a strawberry grow there is a progression – you just might not see all those steps, so it looks instantaneous.

Since we are “taught” that manifestation can be immediate, we often berate ourselves when we “ask” and it isn’t “received” in two minutes. We believe because it hasn’t happened in a second, it will never happen and we give up. Mostly what drives our giving up is the base fear of lack. What do I mean by base fear? It is a foundational fear that underpins and drives so many other anxieties.

Manifestation And You

If you want to improve your manifestation process, improve your relationship with the Divine. How do you feel about the Divine? Truly! Do you think the Divine is like Santa Claus, with a naughty and nice list? Is your relationship with the Divine based on the myth of a white knight in shining armor come to save the day?  

The Divine is neutral. It wants you to receive what you want, and it isn’t making judgments about what you desire. It is just taking direction. So, you get to be good at how you direct it.

I like to think of the Divine like Silly Putty. If you ever played with Silly Putty you know it’s an amazing adhesive. If you lay it on newspaper (remember those?) it transfers newspaper images to other surfaces.

Now, imagine you are using the Divine as a tool to connect with and transfer what you want to experience to you.

Reconstructing Your Creative Process

Do you declare your goodness every moment of every day? Or do you ricochet between declaring and begging? You don’t have to be perfect. Start small with a declaration of your goodness like: “Today, I declare that good things happen to me all day long”, or “Today, I declare that I receive a surprise of goodness”.

When we use our power of declaring we can redirect what we create. We aren’t creating from lack or pain. We are creating from the place of profound power and truth – because we are unlimited beings and we are proclaiming that. If you are interested in help in declaring, you might consider having an affirmative prayer written for you (just $20). It will help you focus your energy.

Remember The Strawberry

Whenever you are ready to throw up your hands and say “I don’t care” (but you really do) remember the strawberry and all its different steps of growth. Then, after you thank this amazing little berry, tune in and ask your Soul what you get to activate to continue a growing process that will bear fruit.

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