Soul Language Certification

For those coaches, healers and teachers focusing on helping individuals reveal, identify, understand and live their life purpose, this certification program is designed with you in mind.

Soul Language Certification is a tangible tool to help with the intangible. It gives you a way to provide language for your clients about their sacred mission here. It also allows you to co-create with your clients to embrace, explore, discover and accept their sacred purpose in a more profound way.

Understanding your Soul Languages and how you utilize them is a life-long journey. This process gives structure to profound individuality. It allows you to assist your clients with remembering their purpose and living from this place of deep understanding.

At Soul Language, we believe you don’t have to build a better you. It’s all about accepting your deep core of knowledge and practicing it so it becomes wisdom.

Who is this Soul Language Certification for:

  • The highly intuitive
  • The faith seeker
  • The spiritual leader
  • The healer, coach, teacher with a big message
  • The coach, healer, teacher who feels as if their sacred work is to guide others to understanding their sacred work in a more profound way
  • An individual with high-integrity standards
  • An individual who knows there is a better way to live and understand themselves
  • An individual who is a leader and willing to be part of a life-changing movement

During this 3 month process you will learn:

  • Soul Language 101
  • How to identify a person’s Soul Languages
  • Background and knowledge on each of the 107 core energies of Soul (Languages)
  • Case Studies
  • Understanding the bigger picture about Soul Language and utilizing the Soul consciously
  • Conducting Soul Language ID Session
  • Muscle Testing 101 – Ensuring accurate muscle testing
  • Step by step how a Soul Language Life Purpose Session is conducted
  • Answers to common questions asked during a Soul Language ID session
  • Soul Language and Coaching
  • How to utilize Soul Language in coaching sessions
  • How to utilize Soul Language in your own life and business
  • How to understand your own Sacred work better with Soulful guidance on how to incorporate Soul Language into your own sacred work
  • Language Hot Buttons
  • What are some Language “tells”
  • What are your hot button Axiom of Quests and why
  • Clearing your conflicts with your purpose and helping clients clear theirs
  • Soul Language Check-ins
  • How to utilize Soul Language to help with your Skillbuilder
  • How to utilize Soul Language to notice and release spiritual blind spots

Soul Language Certification Program Elements

  • 1-90 minute session per month for three months
  • Weekly email support
  • Soul Language ID conducted (if not already conducted)
  • Soul Language Business ID conducted (if not already conducted)
  • Success Support Program (for four months, includes monthly group class, intention audio and access to Jennifer each Thursday for support)
  • Soul Language Materials (hard-copy and digital)
  • Soul Language Certification badge
  • Soul Language Certification Credentials for two years
  • Listed on the Practitioner portion of the Soul Language website
  • Highlighted by Jennifer Urezzio as a Practitioner and for your own sacred work

Soul Language Certification Program Details

  • Program conducted one-on-one with Jennifer or another trainer
  • Your two personal sessions, Soul Language ID, Business ID and will be scheduled after your application is accepted

If this resonates with you, the next step for you is to fill out the Soul Language Certification application. These materials will also provide you with additional information and the investment fee.

Why An Application Process?
Trust me this is not a marketing ploy. It took me a long time to accept that the Universe provided me with some powerful information and the application is so both parties “know” that this is for each one of our greatest goods. Please note if you are interested in becoming a Master Practitioner please fill out the form as well.

Click Here to Fill Out Application

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