Soul Language Certification

To meet the demand and allow the use of Soul Language to expand, Jennifer Urezzio, the founder and Spiritual Director of Soul Language, has begun teaching others how to identify peoples’ personal Soul Languages and work consciously with members of the community.

Are you destined to become certified in Soul Language? This is for you if:

  • Soul Language connects you with deep guidance
  • You enjoy connecting with others on a Soul level
  • You want to develop your intuition and have regular guidance on this
  • You can commit to a six month Soul Language immersion where you will be learning more about your Soul Languages as well as how to work with others on this deeply personal level

At its core, this commitment is to your personal expansion and using your gifts, talents and abilities to help heal humanity.


You will also get:

  • Ongoing support and tools for living consciously
  • Referrals as appropriate for Soul Language ID’s and other types of support according to your expertise
  • Tools for marketing this added service/enhancement to current services

This opportunity is ideal for those who resonate with the business languages of Soul Language:

Axiom of Quest (AQ): Counselor
This individual’s mission is as an adviser. This Soul Language provides specific counsel, which serves a deliberate purpose, strategy, or design. The Counselor works with others to exchange ideas or opinions then provides a recommendation, as a course of action, to another individual.  The Counselor provides the wisdom and completes the consultation and does not play an active role in an individual’s life.  When consciously using this Soul Language, this individual is able to understand and provide counsel without attachment or a desire for an end result.

Axiom of Translation (AT): Heart Conscious This Language is all about experiencing the world through the heart.  When working the Language consciously, these individuals (and we see this in children a lot) can move mountains with their love of the world. They often have relationships with individuals that most “people” shun and/or consider different.  Many leaders in business and community are receiving support in accepting their uniqueness and bringing their best to the world.

Tone: Collaborator
These individuals associate with others in an endeavor, activity or common sphere of interest. They receive an enjoyment working together with other people.  When consciously working this Language these individuals bring together the finest people to generate the most comprehensive program, strategy, or solution. They will also collaborate in their personal lives by creating relationships with all kinds of people.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming certified in Soul Language, please contact us directly to receive an application. Also, click here to receive a complimentary audio and private intro call with Jennifer Urezzio, the founder and Spiritual Director of Soul Language.

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