Soul Language Custom Programs

“Jennifer helped me understand my tribe, what’s important in my marketing and message, how to best connect with my people, and aligned ways to share my message.”
– Nat Couropmitree –

Jennifer Urezzio is dedicated to serving people who: want to make a difference, create a legacy, are highly creative and innovative. This means that a one size fits all program doesn’t work for them. Does this sound like you?

A Soul Language custom program is created with Divine guidance specifically for you and will support you stepping into the spotlight, receiving from your legacy (hundred-year business or movement), finding deep clarity in your purpose, and knowing how to express it.

You can’t fake what comes from the Soul
What you require now are a strategy and techniques created by you and your Soul to help you move forward!

No one has authority over you and no one else can tell you what is in your greatest good. However, there are frameworks and tools which can support you both internally and externally to harness and express your greatness.

The synthesis of over 20 years of deep study
Jennifer will create a custom program that is a culmination of all her wisdom (to date) and experience of Soul and business.

A custom program is for you if you feel weary of being poised on the cusp of prominence and celebrity and want more. Jennifer understands the Soul and the processes for creating physicality in the world for your business, and for life in general.

By using Soul Language, which is the only paradigm putting tangibility to Soul, you are creating from a platform of profound consciousness. This allows you to hit the mark you aim at, rather than tossing efforts out randomly and hoping things will work.

A custom program could include:

  • Sacred Purpose Session – During this session we focus on deeply understanding your sacred purpose so that you can accept and utilize it to create legacy in your life and business.
  • Secret Sauce Session – In this session, we will focus on your core message, your community on a Soul level, marketing tactics that resonate with you, topics to discuss in an interview, etc.
  • Soul Clearing Session – During this session, we are going to focus on realigning the human with the Soul and clearing any patterns and pain that are currently causing friction between you and your Soul.

If you would like to connect with Jennifer so she can create a custom program for you, please secure a complimentary session by clicking this link (use the 15-minute free session option).

“Jennifer’s Secret Sauce session re-ignited the part of me who is excited to get my message out in a bigger way (and before this session I would have labeled myself as a very reluctant marketer, relying primarily on word of mouth advertising). The session was part Divine Download, part accountability, part uncovering where I can ask deeper questions, part-specific ideas. And leading the entire conversation was the core message of my movement (during the session, Jennifer helped me identify the deepest layer). The result: I am confident that, as I incorporate all of the wisdom from this session when I connect with others through my marketing, they will *feel* who I am, and those who are a match to my movement will join me. Hard to believe I’m saying this, but I can’t wait to finalize my marketing plan and get out there.”
– Jennifer Bloome –

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