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There is so much power within the Soul Language community…I wanted to share with you members experience and expansions.

This guest blog is by Kathy Smyly Miller.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Linda Stillman Mentor, (Axiom of Quest; mission Language), Nurturer (Axiom of Translation; fuel for your mission Language) and Mortar Maker (Tone; Soulful personality Language).

Linda offers sales training for business owners (, and after slogging away at sales for my company, Wellness Possibilities, I thought I could use some help. It was about halfway through the consultation when we realized where the glitch was.

As a Pioneer (Axiom of Quest; mission Language), I like to show people the new road. As a Purveyor,  (Axiom of Translation; fuel for your mission Language) I can provide all sorts of resources for the journey. As an Investigator (Tone; Soulful personality Language) I can see how going down this road can and will impact a person’s life and business — if they choose to go down it.

I was using all my Languages in my sales process, but I needed a Mentor. Someone who could provide guidance.

Linda helped me see how I was showing people the path but not giving them a map. As a Pioneer, this would be exciting for me. Drop me off in the middle of a field with woods on every border, and I will happily find my way. That would be just great! But not everybody rolls that way. People need structure, tools, and support. Our company was not providing all that in a way that it could be easily received (aka purchased!).

As soon as I recognized what was going on, it was easy to find solutions. Linda helped me tweak our sales process to make others feel more comfortable going down the new road. I brought in a Politician (Axiom of Quest; mission Language) who could help provide structure and an Observer (Axiom of Quest; mission Language) who is going on sales calls with us to see what else is needed.

Our sales effort is focused on working with companies that are implementing employee wellness programs. We are adding products and services that will meet the needs of employees as they are incorporating wellness into their everyday lives.

I wanted to share this because as much as I enjoy going down new roads, I really don’t want to go alone. We have a wonderful community here,  and we can all be resources for each other. Thanks Jennifer for providing wisdom and a way to move through challenges with heart and soul. And thanks to everyone in this amazing collaborative community.

I asked Jennifer if we could have monthly calls where we can share expertise with each other, and she said “Yes!”

Note from Jennifer: The first call will be in January…I will be letting everyone know about those details shortly.

Info about the guest blogger:

Kathy Smyly Miller is a pioneer in the business community.  Starting with her first Body-Mind awareness course at age 6, she has explored a wide variety of consciousness-raising activities under the mentorship of masters. Her passion for business started early, too, and in each entrepreneurial endeavor, her personal practice has been the ace up her sleeve.

As a young adult Kathy became certified as a birth coach, and the skills she developed guiding couples through the birth process, from conscious conception to natural childbirth and beyond, have prepared her well for the integral role she now plays as a wellness pusher, community instigator, business consultant, and entrepreneur.  In 2009, Kathy was honored by NJBiz as one of New Jersey’s “Best 50 Women in Business.”

Kathy is an advocate for proactively exploring a wide variety of wellness services and activities to live healthier, happier and easier.  Her training and experiences have given her the ability to work with others on a personal level that is deeply powerful. Her clients include healing arts professionals who are raising the bar in terms of business processes and prosperity, and business people who are cultivating a greater sense of purpose and overall wellness at home, at work and in the community.

Info about Soul Language

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Jennifer Urezzio is a master intuitive and the founder of Know Soul’s Language. Soul Language is a way to consciously connect with your Soul that was received through Divine Guidance. Understanding your Soul Languages allows you to access your own Soul’s guidance to accept your value, be more confident, have more impact and grow into a stronger leader.

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