The Butterfly Method

Do you know that “success” creating is all about your connection to the Divine? When we create, we are making nothing into something. It is very magical.

Even though the Universe is fool-proof (we ask and we receive), we can get stuck in the process of creating. In fact, most of us suck the magic (and the Divine) right out of our creations; most of the time before that creation has a chance to get off the ground.

How do you know if you are getting stuck in the creative process? Well, in my experience it feels like this…

  • Creatively “stuck”
  • Too many projects
  • Your results seem to fall short of what you desire
  • You can’t seem to bring life to your ideas
  • You can’t seem to birth any of your projects
  • You don’t know how to get started on your projects
  • You have too many projects going at once
  • You stay busy but don’t feel like you accomplish enough

The Butterfly Method aligns the creative process and brings more balance and Soul into the creative expression. Utilizing the four stages of the Butterfly, you will recognize where you are in the creative process and what gets to happen next. You will also understand:

  • How to nurture, grow and collaborate with the creative magic
  • How to support your creative evolution
  • How to remember that creating is connection (to the Divine)
  • How to keep your connection (to the Divine) when creating
  • How to receive the resources you require for your creation
  • How to create projects that succeed

Utilizing the deep understanding of your Soul via your Soul Language team, a series of conscious questions are posed, so you will be able to move your creative projects along to completion.

The Butterfly Method provides a structure that:

  • Engages both the left and right sides of the brain
  • Takes attachment out of the creative process
  • Makes it clear which ideas to pursue
  • Makes it easy to attract the resources you need — when you need them
  • Allows you to effectively birth your creative ideas
  • Allows you to trust your creativity and your creations
  • Brings consciousness to creation and expression
  • Allows you to understand when and how to share your creation

After using the Butterfly Method, you will understand where you get stuck in the creative process and have a way to move through and let go of outdated creation patterns.

The Butterfly Method might be a structure that sustains and provides you with answers (remember, they are already inside of you)!

Here’s an example of The Butterfly Method:
Let’s start with Stage I of The Butterfly Method – The Egg. This stage is a thought, idea sensation or a knowing. A lot of us have an idea, thought or sensation and because we receive this Divine-inspired idea, we naturally assume that it is ours to take action on. This isn’t always the case. We move right into making a decision on that idea, without asking some very important questions. Here is an example of a question you would ask yourself in this part of the process:

Take a deep breath and connect to your soul. Here’s the question:
Does this idea engage all parts of me?

What answer did you receive? Yes or a No? Did your Soul go into some detail? This question allows you to determine if this idea is really going to resonate with mind, body and spirit.

I trust that this process benefited you wholly and completely. And if you are interested in evolving your creative process and feel The Butterfly Method is for you, the details are below. Click here to watch a video

“The Butterfly Method that Jennifer created has truly been a vital missing link for me that I know has been absent from my previous creative process. And now that I have this powerful tool working for me, when I am ready to create something new, not only does the process go more smoothly, but the outcome is often much more potent as is my confidence and conviction throughout the process.

As someone with a personal Axiom of Quest Language of Pioneer and a Business Axiom of Quest Language of Prophet it is fair to say I am a girl how gets a lot of innovative new ideas all the time! In the past, I would often feel both pressure and anxiety about acting on these many ideas because I thought that if the idea had come through me then that must mean it needed to be acted upon and acted upon right away. Suffice it to say that approach did not always equal the best results. With the Butterfly Method, there are so many things taken into account through the supportive guided process like being in conscious alignment with all your languages, divine timing, allowing time for stillness when it is needed, and discernment.

All of these things, as a result of using The Butterfly Method, I have come to really know are essential for maintaining flow, fulfillment, and effectiveness through the creative process of any new personal or business idea or project.”

Aime Miyamoto, San Diego, CA


  • The Butterfly Method PDF
  • The Butterfly Method Chart PDF A special audio from Jennifer Urezzio on The Butterfly Method
  • A 20-minute session with Jennifer Urezzio
  • Investment: $247 – special $97.00
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