The Essential Ingredient for Success in Life & Business: A Super-Heaping Cup of Integrity… – Guest Blogger Mandy Bobolia

I’ve been struggling the last few days, well if I’m being honest the last few months, with this and when I started typing, this is where it seems to be leading me. I’m not shy to always admit I’m a work in progress-in fact I’m proud of it! So I write this to share what I know from all my connections each day which seems to be an issue that is troubling many these days. To be blunt, it’s this: Integrity gone MIA (missing in action) of late! Let’s just agree in advance that nothing and nobody is perfect 100% of the time. However, for me, life lies not in the perfection but rather in the intention of how we approach ourselves, life, business and other people moment to moment daily.

In truth, I set out to write something more “profound/spiritual” here as this is a truly sacred space for me. Thus, I’m also working on a post that looks at the concept of “linear” time and how time itself has totally turned on its axis for me as my connection to the Divine, both within and outwardly continues to evolve, grow and strengthen. That piece is still in the works, since as you might imagine, it has become quite a catharsis in and of itself. Accordingly, I’m relishing the process of really creating something from my soul rather than rushing to get it out on deadline (so to speak). Stay tuned for “Why Linear Time Binds Us & Keeps Us from Our True Selves…” coming soon to a blog near you.

Today, instead I decided to share on an area that seems to pop up daily. The ever elusive (and oft-over used but under practiced word) integrity and its place within the makeup of life-business balance and fulfillment. I believe that wherever we’re annoyed, there’s a lesson. Thus, I continue to examine and learn – deciding to share what my own personal evolutions are elucidating for me.  Recently it’s this: The Essential Ingredient for Success in Life & Business: A Super-Heaping Cup of Integrity!! In the philosophical sense, integrity means possessing honesty, truth, and accuracy. When applied to life-business, the philosophical meaning of integrity isn’t that much different from the personal and professional arenas as well.

Consider for a moment the reality that very few people (connections, friends, consumers, investors, or otherwise) would enter into any relationship or business agreement (no matter how negligible) without sensing some level of trust and authenticity. Just as most if us wouldn’t do business with a company or individual we didn’t feel we could trust, no potential connection will want to join our communities or do business with us unless we demonstrate a strong moral compass, authenticity and sense of integrity. Meaning, do we walk the talk? Do we treat others with respect? Do we share our own struggles & triumphs? Do we follow-up and deliver on what we promise and when we say we will? Do we give without expectation of outcomes and/or receiving in return?

Next… How do we communicate our sincere depth of integrity to our friends, family, larger community and potential new connections/clients/partners?

This lesson is a bit harder to learn, and it’s often one that comes through trial and error but as long as we are in fact operating from a place of truth, it will all fall into place as it should. The Universe simply gives – it’s up to us to notice and then move forward in humble gratitude, endeavoring to continue to learn, evolve and serve. In life and business, integrity can be exercised by simply being honest and sticking to your ethics. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

The truth of the matter is that while we are all part of a higher power (whatever that is for you), in my humble experience anyway, then integrity can be easy if we are always in touch with that spark inside. However, the weight of “life” (aka the daily grind) can very often get in the way and block that connection. As a result, we might be unwittingly lured off track. So, a fave quote I read often (it’s on my desk in fact) is a line first coined by Sir Walter Scott: “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we begin to lie and deceive!” Short AHA moment: We MUST first be in integrity with ourselves (sometimes difficult, self-honesty daily) in order to be able to live that outwardly and convey that to anyone else. Basically actions speak louder than words – especially in our relationship with self.

Finally, absolutely nothing positive or from the light ever comes from not being honest, not sticking to our inner knowing/soul compass, and showing current and future people in our lives that we operate from a place of integrity. If we practice integrity day in and day out (like toning a muscle), it will get easier and return to us a thousand fold, over and over again. Shhh – I only “know” any of this because the Universe told me so… Blessings to ALL!

Live Out Loud!

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