The Gift of the Power of Prayer

Welcome to the Power of Prayer.  This free gift will help you learn how to focus your intention and power to create and receive from your prayers. These two prayers support you in understanding how to tap into your creative power of prayer.

Below are the two affirmative prayers I have created to support your transformation. What is Affirmative Prayer? It is a metaphysical process which allows you to focus your ability to bend the Universe and connect with your innate ability to ask and receive.

Affirmative Prayer allows you to tap into the Truth. In The Handbook of Positive Prayer, author Hypatia Hasbrouck says positive, affirmative prayer works because of the law of mind action. “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.” Or, “What we think about, we bring about.”

Prayer will assist you to connect with the unlimited force inside you via your Soul connection and the power of your words and praise.  When you focus your intention and influence and utilize your personal formula with the Divine to create, you are able to manifest and receive your wants, needs, and desires. You are tapping into your unlimited Source.

Here are your two audios:

Letting Go of Fear and Lift The Struggle

(click the link and download)

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