The Kind of Passion That Will Kill You – Guest Post By Isabel Hundt

Especially in the world of entrepreneurship, we talk a lot about passion – Do what you are passionate about, and you will be successful. Passion is what keeps us going, what keeps us on track when things don’t work out as anticipated. In the dictionary, the word passion is described as a “strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything” (source:

Being passionate about what you do is significant for the success of your business and in life. But there is a very narrow path you are walking. If you drift off to your right side, you personally will suffer by losing interest in what you do. You start feeling powerless and no longer motivated to impact people’s lives as you know you are capable of. If you drift off to your left, you may be very passionate about what you do. However, the people around you no longer connect to your message. Therefore, you are losing business and connections.

At the end of last year, I felt somewhat burnt out. I realized that I put lots of energy in carrying out my message, implementing marketing strategies, and had tons of coaching sessions. Why in the world did I not see the success I should have with all the work I put into my business day in and day out? It was a good year overall, but I had set myself up for a huge goal, which put me under quite some pressure the closer we made it toward December 31st.

Right then I decided I needed to take a step back and took off two weeks – no work related tasks for the entire time – and I suddenly had an “awareness shock”. I found myself in the deepest mud hole there is. I was drowning. You can compare it to a scenario where you try to survive and you go under, come back up, and you scream for help, only with the difference that I was screaming out my message into the loud and overactive crowd.

I am so passionate about what I do, about helping people to see their true greatness, that I fell into a convincing, killing kind of – mode. I’ve got passionately mad, because I didn’t understand why people just didn’t get it. I saw messages of failures, disappointments and screw ups. I wanted to scream at people, shake them. My frustration grew. See, here is the thing: I fell off to the left side of the path, and my passion was slowly killing me on the inside.

Everything we do creates emotions. Our subconscious mind only reacts to those specific emotions. Even though we experience ourselves as very passionate, we are creating negative emotions – stress, frustration, anger etc. We are no longer emotionally, physically and spiritually in alignment with our message, which creates confusion and disconnection with yourself and those around us. Therefore it is killing off your success. It is killing you.

I visualized the mud hole, aka crowd, and asked myself how I can find my way back out. I literally visualized pulling myself out. I was able to gain altitude to the actual problem, looked around and started to breathe again. I decided that I no longer wanted to be the victim to other people’s opinions and reactions. I, again, was able to take responsibility for my own state of being and reminded myself of the importance of my mission.

I see many passionate people that get stuck the same way. When you start feeling frustrated over how people react to what you do, consider yourself being stuck in that muddy hole, as well. Gaining altitude gives us the opportunity to connect with people where they are at. It reminds us that we all are on different paths and journeys in life. Only if we can set our own ego aside and still see people as whole, responsible human beings, are we in the position to change lives for the better. People become more receptive to who we ARE and what we offer, which, in the end, creates connection once again.

Questions to ask yourself:

How is your passion killing yourself instead of fueling you? How does it show up in your life? How can you create more awareness that will help you to re-connect with those you want to impact?

Isabel Hundt is a professional coach, speaker and author of her forthcoming book, “Dream Catcher”, who is committed to guiding conscious entrepreneurs to achieve tremendous business success through personal development so they can own their personal worth, find their inner power and live a life of abundance, meaning and purpose. If you are looking for a proven professional who can guide you to address feeling powerless in the world of constant information flow, frustrated that all the hard work doesn’t seem to pay off, struggle to find the best marketing and business strategy that works for you or you hit a plateau and are ready to take your life and business to a new level, Isabel is the coach to work with. Working with amazing clients with similar worries and concerns and guiding them to achieve remarkable success, her mission and commitment is to help you to stand out from the crowed, have your voice be heard and to find your true identity which will lead to lasting success. Today, Isabel established herself as professional coach and expert on a national, as well as, international level.

To learn more about Isabel’s revolutionary Online Mastermind Coaching Program, The Dare to Stand Out 2.0, you can visit or, where you can also download her free eBook “Identity Crisis in the World of Entrepreneurs”.


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