The Way of the Warrior: Beyond – Utilizing Your Consciousness

This five-week class is for those who have shifted from unconscious to conscious warrior energy and have a desire to utilize that consciousness to its fullest potential.

The program is focused on anchoring the internal landscape of conscious warrior, and using that to create and manifest.

Now that you are using your warrior power without force, you can engage the world from a place of truth, transformation, and collaboration.  

Each week on Friday, you will receive an audio and then the following Monday at 12:30 pm EASTERN we will have a LIVE class on that topic.

Topics Include

  • Resolving Unfinished Business – How to Make Peace with the Past
  • Allowing and Lifting – Understanding the Use of Conscious Energy to Open Up and Let Go
  • Championing It Into Existence – Learning to Use the Warrior’s Gift of Focus to Create Something from Nothing
  • Creating A Round Table of Support – Understand the Different Levels of Support Your Warrior Energy Requires and How to Attract the People to Fill those for the Highest and Best
  • The Role of Grace – Understanding the Role of the Divine in your Life and Creating a Stronger, More Solid Relationship with your Higher Power.

Program Elements

  • 5-healing/teaching audios
  • 5-LIVE 30-minute classes
  • 2-30 minute personal sessions
  • Worksheets and handouts

Class Details

  • Each Friday you will receive a self-mastery call from me for you to listen to at your leisure
  • Each Monday, at 9:30 am PT, 10:30 MT, 11:30 CT, and 12:30 pm ET I will conduct a LIVE group call. This call will have additional teaching, laser coaching, and a place for people to share. From Friday, May 7th – Monday, June 14th – no class May 31st)
  • 2-30 Minute Personal sessions scheduled at times that are convenient for you
  • Worksheets, tools, and practices which will support your conscious warrior

Investment: $400

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