Understanding the Virtue of Warrior Energy

(In other words) Learn How Not To Make War with Everything And Still Win

Do You Feel Like You Always Have to Fight for What You Want? Are you successful and still feel it’s a battle? 

Women with warrior energy have been called all sorts of names and most of them, not good ones. The truth is that conscious warrior energy is a source of power and freedom. 

I Get YOU!

In my younger days, I poured a lot of energy into resisting, which then caused struggle in my life. Through conversations with the Divine, I created tools and practiced consciousness to support my warrior energy. In acceptance and surrender, there is a great deal of power.

Now is the time, especially for women, to embrace this warrior nature and utilize its pure consciousness and grace.

During This Free 45-minute class…

I will guide you and provide you with tools to understand the virtue of your natural warrior energy. 

You will walk away from this class with a new understanding of:

  • You will know and operate from the belief that the Divine has your back and your life will reflect this belief
  • You will let go of trying to prove yourself and claim your value, your power, and your place in the world
  • You will make decisions and take action from a deep sense of connection and peace
  • You will operate from a place of knowing the solution instead of focusing on fighting the problem

Class Details:

Thursday, February 23rd at 12 pm PT, 1:00 pm MT, 2:00 pm CT, and 3 pm ET via zoom (yes, a replay will be available)

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