Unlock the Power of Your Empathic Abilities with Essential Tools

As an empath, you possess a unique gift that allows you to deeply connect with others on an emotional level. However, without the right tools and protocols, this gift can often feel overwhelming and exhausting. Just like eating whole, healthy foods to take care of your body, you need tools and protocols to take care of your energy.

For years I struggled to understand my empathic abilities. In the ’90s, being an empath wasn’t widely recognized. Instead, terms like emotional, sensitive, and heart-centered were used, often with a negative connotation. The lack of understanding led me to date the wrong men, isolate myself, and become defensive.

Here are a couple of signs that your empath abilities require support

  • You avoid gatherings or networking because it feels so draining.
  • You know when someone is angry with you, and you are trying to figure out what you did wrong.
  • You discount your prices because you can feel the person’s discomfort around money
  • You are a people pleaser

And guess what? As you grow in your business, your intuitive tools will need to be updated too, including tools to clear and align your energy. I have observed master intuitives outsmart themselves in their practices and fall into some dark holes because of energy leaks.

I understand that my empathic abilities are a gift that supports me and others. I also know the actions I need to take to avoid energy hangovers or worse, energetic exhaustion.

So, here’s a question for your Soul…what needs to be updated in your toolbox?

I’m excited to share these tools with you through our Empath Survival Kit, so you can stop using this gift unconsciously and start using it as the Divine intended – to support your goodness.

The Benefits of the Empath Survival Kit:

  1. The Alignment Strategy: Co-create in harmony with your soul and body. Aligning your energy helps you fully participate in your soul’s mission, love yourself unconditionally, and experience a more joyful, peaceful life.
  2. Checking Your Emotions: Learn to differentiate between your emotions and those of others. This tool helps you release emotions that don’t belong to you, maintaining your emotional clarity and balance.
  3. Progress Gratitude: Focus on your own goodness and achievements. This tangible practice keeps you grounded and prevents the energies of others from derailing you.
  4. Statements for Support: Use clearing and balancing statements to stay free of others’ energies. These affirmations help you maintain a positive and protected energetic state

Testimonials from Our Community:

  • “My anxiety is way down, my insomnia is gone, spinning thoughts – gone. I actually fall asleep within minutes and wake up full of joy and energy. It appears I have fully stepped into my power and accepted it all.” – Erin Catlin
  • “Jennifer is wonderful. If you feel a calling to tap into your own wisdom and the wisdom of the universe, work with Jennifer. She truly has a gift and will help you hone your own gifts.” – Emily McManus
  • “Jennifer changed my life. She helped me work through decades of gunk in just one session. She completely changed my energy and gave me the tools I needed to sustain the work we did together.” – Heather Grace

Don’t wait! Take control of your empathic abilities today.

Get access to the tools I use every day to live a life of purpose and success. Invest in yourself for just $97.

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