Why Are You Arguing With the Divine?

My former career was in public relations. I was the girl who booked individuals on Oprah, The Today Show and Larry King Live.

As you know, my mission is working with transformational leaders. Last Friday, thanks to Erin Saxton founder of The Idea Network and my good friend, I got to be of service and to play with one of the leaders in the field — Lisa Nichols.

Lisa is a breakthrough specialist and you might recognize her from The Secret. She was a motivational speaker at a corporate event and she was funny, powerful and of course motivational.

I think one of the funniest stories that Lisa told and that I could relate to (and I believe everyone of us can and if you can’t then you are lying to yourself) was arguing with what she calls Spirit.

We have all been there. You receive guidance, intuition or a message from the Divine or Spirit, resistance kicks in (because we are human and we KNOW better) and the fight begins.

So my question is, WHY? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you rebelling?
  • Are you in doubt? What is the belief propelling this doubt forward? Do you not believe that the Universe values you so much as to exactly speak to you?
  • Are you stuck in your own plan? Remember, only God plans we strategize.

What happens when you stop the arguing? Lisa’s argument stop shortly after it begun. I figured it out, because of that decision to listen to Spirit; she saved herself several $100s of dollars.

I learned to stop arguing, resisting and planning and I feel supported and loved. So how do you stop fighting yourself and the Divine?

Next time you hear the Divine speaking to you and you want to argue, ask yourself why? The first step to creating a new relationship is to start seeing that relationship in a new light.

A special thanks to both Erin and Lisa for an amazing day of laughter, Spirit and fun!

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