Creating Your Marketing Materials Playbook

Your heart and Soul are in your sacred work. Your purpose matters so much to you that when you need to put words or structure around it, you shut down. You can’t seem to find just the right words that will jump off the page and speak directly to the individual or community you are here to guide to transformation.

To say you are thinking about it too hard is an understatement. You are experiencing a challenge writing your marketing copy because you are writing from the desire to produce results, not from the viewpoint of the end in mind.

Most master healers, spiritual renegades and Soulful entrepreneurs marketing materials, media correspondence, articles and newsletters don’t do the job they are intended for because those individuals often don’t write their copy with the end in mind.

What does “end in mind” mean?  As a master prayer writer, Jennifer Urezzio knows she can become so clear that the intangible becomes tangible as she writes.  She recognizes that the tangible already is, so Jennifer writes copy not trying to prove or convey a client’s worth or services, but from a place of deeply knowing their worth and services.

When she guides or writes copy for her clients, she is creating that copy as prayer. She recognizes the capabilities and gifts of her clients and she understands their purpose and delivery systems. She also knows the impact her clients have on their communities and so she creates their marketing copy backward from that end point.

Jennifer is already in the present of the possibility. Master healers and spiritual renegades may often have difficulty understanding and expressing their own power to others. They get bogged down in the words, and often find it hard to explain their Soul and the Soul of their business to another.

Jennifer does not. In fact, she often feels as if she is being guided by the copy itself and the Soul of her clients’ business.

The end result is picture perfect copy which reflects the individual’s Soul gifts, talents and business abilities so that their unique Soulful abilities come to life off the pages to the reader. This approach then creates action.

“I think when a person writes their copy they may be trying to replicate in words what they do, rather than feeling into that energy and allowing it to dictate the flow and the true portrait of themselves and their business.”  – Jennifer Urezzio

Her ability to put words to a healer, coach or practitioners “why” and how they express their “why” is instantly clear so that their community self-identifies immediately.

Jennifer is opening up just three spots for writing marketing copy in the next six months. Why only three? She loves to teach and collaborate with clients and so this is all the time she currently has available to dedicate for this type of partnership.

Marketing Materials Playbook

– 60 minute session – This helps us determine your purpose, delivery systems and services, plus we will clear any energy blocks that are currently in the way of you receiving from your sacred purpose
– Bio (short and long)
– Mission copy/Home Page Copy – This includes your main mission statement and marketing theme: the why, what and how you do what you do
– Services/Program – 3 services descriptions and elements, or one program description and elements
– Speaker topics – 3 speaking or interview topics and key message points

Investment: $1,050.00

If you haven’t had your Soul Language and your Business Soul Languages identified, Jennifer can provide those two 60-minute sessions for an additional $450.00.

To arrange a conversation to determine if this partnership is for you, click here.

“Jennifer Urezzio has been my trusted Mentor and Guide for almost 10 years both personally & professionally. She has the most amazing ability to uncover who you are at your core/in your heart, and introduces YOU to yourself. She then supports you in becoming aligned with that, harnessing your own truth and inner power to dream again. I wasn’t a dreamer in 2008, I was lost; when I met Jennifer that all changed. I met myself for the first time, and with her loving guidance, I allowed myself to dream, to explore, to understand that everything I dream for is right here waiting for me…I just needed to see it, accept it, and claim it! It’s an ongoing journey that she walks with me every day, and now – she’s using her soulful intuitive abilities to take what’s in my heart, my passions, my gifts; to craft them onto “paper,” and into a business I have dreamt of for decades now. I truly had no idea she is a Master Copywriter too, she takes what’s in your soul and expresses it easily and seamlessly for you when you’re getting in your own way. As a true creative, heart centered person – I’m always getting in my own way. She can truly pull the mission, the gifts out of you, and then craft it into the most beautifully expressed message possible. I was totally stuck…frustrated with myself, almost gave up about a million times. Now, I’m on the path to the life and business of my dreams, and I am not overstating it to share that it’s all because of Jennifer’s brilliance, guidance, support and ability to write what I couldn’t about myself and what I do. Thank you Jennifer for who you are, what you mean to me, and what you bring to the world!”

~ Mandy
Mandy Gartrell – Lifestylist & Business Mentor

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