There is so much power within the Soul Language community…I wanted to share with you members experience and expansions.

This guest blog is by Colleen Keenan.  She is a Politician (Axiom of Quest), Sextand (Axiom of Translation) and a Captain (Tone).

This is from a letter that she sent out to her fellow coaches. Being a Teacher of Integrity, I found this personally inspiring.

As a coach of any kind, you always have to deal with accountability – and how to handle it when people don’t do what they’ve agreed to do.  Some coaches take the approach of firing clients who don’t live up to their commitments.  I thought I’d share my own thinking process, where it is right now….

I think it makes some sense to focus on the people we can help easily and “fire” or avoid clients who are just too much for us.  I made the mistake early on of taking on clients I was simply not a good enough coach to inspire.  My ego told me I could help anyone and this blinded me somewhat.  Working with them made me a better coach and was helpful to them, but it was also frustrating and didn’t grow my business as quickly as another strategy would have.

I know what it’s like to feel angry and frustrated – with clients as well as prospects!   But I do feel responsible for asking myself where that emotion is coming from in me.   Am I angry because I really believe they are capable of change and simply refusing to do it – so I’m angry at them for making a choice I wouldn’t make?  Hmmmm.   Am I really just frustrated with myself for not being able to get through?  Am I offended and hurt that what I’ve offered is clearly not good enough – and hurt by the rejection?  Am I worried that their failure to do the work will harm my reputation?  Am I afraid they will fire me because I can’t “get them” to do the work – so I want to reject them first?

So, here are some questions I ask myself when a client does not do their homework:

  • Was this their homework, or mine?  Did they truly choose this task out of their free will, or just agree to it to get me off their back?
  • Is this really the most important stuff for them to do – or is their instinct to do something else telling us something we need to hear?
  • Do they have the skills to do this work?  If they don’t, are they afraid to tell me that?
  • Do they have the skills to create the time in which to get this work done?  Do we need to work on that first?
  • Is this homework bringing up some kind of negative emotion for them that they can’t deal with?  Can I help with that?  Can someone else?
  • Am I truly concerned that they are hurting themselves and their business, or am I making this somehow about me (see questions in previous section!)

Asking all this, and then cutting myself a break for being human and feeling all this stuff sometimes helps me clear my head.  My goal is always to act from a place of abundance, courage and greatness.  I fail miserably a lot, but I try!

From that place of greatness, I often find I can reach people on a different level – appealing to their own greatness to help them over the rough spots. Not always, but when it happens, it’s powerful.  And, even if I can’t reach them, I know I am acting from my own best self, and that’s truly the best I can do.

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