3 Ways to Accept Your Talent

Can you look in the mirror and see your talent, your body and your Soul? If the answer is no, now is the time to see your Soul!

1. It’s easy
Often we miss our talent because we have a belief that it has to be hard. What comes easy to you? Teaching others how to create that conscious connection with their Soul comes easy to me. My talent is to help you to understand your Soul. I know that helping you have more impact and accept your value is priceless. Determine what comes easy to you and accept your value. We all deserve to be compensated for our talents.

2. You have the right!
You don’t need anyone’s permission to be your Soulful, talented self. Let go of the need for validation. See where this need for validation is stopping you from receiving what you have been asking for.

3. Play with your people
In truth, when you accept your talents, not all of your current relationships will be able to keep up with you. That’s OK! You will find new friends, clients and associates to play with. These people will want and need your Soul’s gifts. They will also have gifts that you will desire to play with as well.

Be Conscious * Be Connected * Be Soul * Be Successful

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