Are You Completing Your Story Before It Even Begins?

I was sitting at a coffee shop in Morristown. At least once a week you will find me in one of the several coffee shops we have around town, because I find that just leaving the house gives the Universe a number of ways to send you messages. As I sat there drinking my coffee, a message for me pulled up in a red minivan.

A man was trying to park it in a space half the size of the vehicle. I looked up and dismissed him as being plain and of no interest (oh yes, that is a judgment). It took him a couple of minutes to move the van into place and when I looked up again, he was just walking around the front of the car and I had to work hard to keep a straight face.

This was no plain man, ladies and gentlemen. He was dressed in a white zoot suit with red shoes and a red and white hat to match. He looked like he had just stepped out of a 1930s gangster movie with all the class, style and grace.

This tall, lanky man, looking as if he were on his way to a swing dance, started me thinking. How often do we complete the story of what’s going to happen to us before we have all the information? How often do we judge who will win the race before it has even started?

I believe that these judgments of how things are going to turn out, so often negative and self-destructive, come from a lack of trust in ourselves that we are worthy to receive what we desire and deserve. The question is, who are you not trusting: yourself, others, the universe? How do you create that trust inside yourself so that what you desire starts to materialize in your life?

Over the last couple of months, I have been playing with trust. In other words, I have been testing the Universe, myself and others. Here’s what I have learned: testing is not trusting. Testing is not allowing yourself to receive. When I felt my value, let go of judgment, and trusted that what I have to offer is of value to the world, that is when I started to be open to what the Universe has to offer me.

What were some of the physical manifestation of my trusting? I found people to help me take what I do to the next level. I also found the freedom to make some choices to participate in workshops to expand myself and stopped worrying. The release of worry is life changing—I lost weight and I both look and feel younger.

I suggest that you notice where you are testing and not trusting. Then I want you to PAUSE and determine what you get to let go of so you can choose trust.

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