3 Ways To Be Transformed

It is important to understand where you are on your journey so you can determine what you need.  Are you in change or transformation?

Here’s how I describe change: change is when you are seeing huge things happening in your life (I equate it to dropping dress sizes; everyone can see how you have changed).

Transformation is when you are fine turning your life (I equate it with changing the colors you wear; people see the major difference but they just can not name how you have transformed).

Transformation requires different tools than change. Below are some helpful hints and tools for both.

1.  Is It Change or Transformation?
ChangeIt is important for you to have a sense of your location on your journey. Are you in the fine tuning stage or are you moving into a time of big, big visible changes (both will have profound life alternating shifts)? Take a deep breath and take stock of your life. Are you generally happy in most areas and want to see a general overall improvement (transformation)? Do you feel like something radical has to happen (change)? There can be areas of your life where you are transforming and others where change is happening. For example, you might want to fine tune your intimate relationships (transformation) while your relationship with money needs a jumpstart (change).

2. Tool for Change
Sometimes what is preventing us from radically changing is the breakdown of not taking responsibility for our participation of where we are in a situation. So take a deep breath and think of the situation in your life that you want to change. Answer these questions (and remember this is not an opportunity for judgment; this is an opportunity for acceptance and for you to forgive your past decisions).  How are you allowing the creation of this situation? What are you “pretending” not to understand? Finally, what’s the payoff?

Allow yourself to receive the answers and then you get to decide where you want to move forward from there.

3. Tool for Transformation
For people in transformation, it is about going deeper. That means more questions for you and your Soul. Take a deep breath and ask yourself this question: What question have you been afraid to ask yourself about this situation? Now, fill yourself with the feeling of being safe and supported and ask that question. I suggest journaling about this question for a couple of days.  Don’t look for the solution, allow the solution to find you!

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