3 Ways To Be Connected

Do you know that you have a piece of every animal on this planet in your DNA?  So you are connected to everything on this planet. Scientifically, we are all one. It is within us to feel connected (to the Universe, to the Divine, to the cosmic flow of abundance, etc.) if we choose. That’s right, it’s a choice. I know (really I do) that sometimes it doesn’t feel as if you are making a choice to feel disconnected. It is my suggestion that you keep this tip in a place where you can “see” it every day.

1.  Stop And Lose Control
Celebrate LiFEOften running around and doing for the sake of doing is a sign that you are feeling disconnected. Stop.  Remember a time where you felt so alive and so connected. Now, really ask yourself what is the next inspired action you get to take. By letting go (of control) and tuning in to really listen to you, you will feel and be more connected.

2. Sing It
Have you ever sat and chanted the word OM? Try it now. Take a deep breath and just say OM. Your body starts to hum, your shoulders go from the up position to the down position and you feel a sense of peace. After three or four times, my body is humming so much. 1, 2, 3… back to feeling connected.

3. Your Connection Key
Just like you have a key to your car that makes your car go, it is my suggestion that you find your connection key. This key can be a visual, a word, a memory, a feeling that makes you feel good, happy and at peace. You could display pictures of your “connection key” or include your key on your website or part of a new product logo.

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