Mission (IM)Possible

A couple of weeks ago, an Observer (Axiom of Quest; Soul Language) asked me what “mission” meant in regards to the Axiom of Quest (the Language that tells you your mission in life).

Though I gave her my answer that defines that Language category in Soul Language, her question made me think. What if people have a hard time understanding and being their mission because they are using someone else’s definition of mission and purpose?

Here’s another example that sparked this conversation with the Divine about mission. While at the beach recently, a friend’s child came running to tell me all about his new job that the lifeguard gave him. He was so excited and focused about this “mission” from the lifeguard that he spent the good part of the afternoon conducting himself purposely.

Only you and your Soul can tell you what you believe the word “mission” means to you.

What I can help you identify is your “mission” here in this life via your Soul Language. Soul Language can help you identify if you are here to create balance, speak your truth or share a message to the masses, etc.

Asking about your mission, is a really big question. It is an ongoing question between you and your Soul. As you expand, your viewpoint of your mission and purpose will expand with you. You are not a 2-D individual! We often treat ourselves and our world with this 2-D perception that once we have an answer to a question that’s it! I say go deeper. The size of your Soul is unlimited and I believe so should the questions and answers. Let’s start consciously connecting with your Soul to determine what your Soul says your mission and purpose mean. This will help you feel, create and align with your mission.

If you know your Soul Languages, see yourself in the center surrounded by your Soul Language Team. If your Languages haven’t been identified yet, set the intention to ground and center yourself and connect with your higher-self.

Now, ask the question: “How does my Soul define the word mission?”

How does your Soul define the word mission or purpose? Here are some of the answers I received from the Soul Language community:

Individuals that speak the Axiom of Quest (mission Language) of Peacemaker said:

  • Mission and purpose is defined as something that makes my heart sing
  • Your destiny, legacy

An individual that speaks the Axiom of Quest (mission Language) of Negotiator said:

  • A mission is your current description of who and what you are today – it is stated in terms of your products and services (if a business) or your strengths and offerings to the world for today
  • Vision is what you want to become
  • Missions guide and direct current decisions towards the vision. Combined – powerful for individuals and people

An individual that speaks the Axiom of Quest (mission Language) of Matriarch said:

  • I think a mission is an objective that someone or a group is trying to accomplish. The last meaning that comes to mind is mission = purpose

Others in the community said mission is:

  • A purpose, contribution…why you are here!
  • Acting on the things so completely woven into who you are that you aren’t always conscious of it/them. And getting conscious of those things (so you can share your gifts in service of them) is the ride. (wee!)

Your path, your journey is personal to you. Of course, there are guides on your journey. There have been guides on my journey. This is a conversation between you and your Soul. It is my suggestion that you be open to that discussion.

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