What Do You Do When the Universe Sends You a Message?

You often see in movies or read in books the notion that someone is suddenly awakened spiritually.

In creating a spiritual live, I have often wished for those moments – that instant that proves that God has been listening to me. It’s the flash to validate that I’m not crazy and it is possible that the Universe knows I’m here and is supporting me.

Here’s a big secret. If anyone leading a spiritual life says to you, “I don’t doubt” or “I don’t have fear,” they’re lying. Allowing compassion to fill you during those times of doubt and fear creates a deeper connection with your Soul.

For me, those moments never come like I imagined them. They come when I have forgotten that I’m on a spiritual journey. They come when I’m reading a book (fiction) or sometimes they come because I paused to look out my window.  The other day I was sitting at my desk just fooling around. Not working, not writing or not focusing on being one with the Universe. I looked up and saw a hawk in the big tree directly across from my office window.

So regal, so beautiful and so sure of everything. Just pausing. I don’t believe in coincidences and I believe that God (that is my spiritual terminology, please feel free to replace it with yours) will utilize nature to speak with me.
Time stopped as I listened to the winged messenger. I’m here to tell you that it isn’t about the money. It isn’t about getting that perfect mate and it isn’t about marketing to your ideal client. I believe it’s about that connection, that feeling of knowing that you are one with everything. It’s about bringing that feeling of knowing into your reality.

So what do you with the message you get when the Universe is listening and responding to you? How do you move it forward so it becomes a daily part of your life? I don’t know your way, but I do know that your Soul knows the answers to that question and many more. I also know that if you don’t get the first message, the Universe will definitely send you another.

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