3 Ways to Fail

Yes, you are reading that right. 3 Ways to Fail.
Let’s take a moment and investigate what failure means.
To me, and I hope now to you, it means that I didn’t “ask” for enough. If I feel that I have “failed” at something, I have discovered that it just isn’t the desired outcome, so I search out and find where my desire was unclear.

Below are 3 Ways to Fail.
1. Being Unclear — It is o.k. not to know what you want. Failure only comes when you decide that you are not worthy or you feel that you do not deserve to find out for yourself what you want.

2. Looking Down An Empty Well — It is best that we draw what we want from a source that has it, and not an empty well. This is your chance to be the Investigator and understand if you are asking the “right” person for what you need or want. If you want to be supported, are you asking someone who can support you? Are you asking someone who is emotional available to you?

3. Not Asking Questions — Sometimes we fail because we simply haven’t asked enough questions. Below are some questions to ask yourself before you start a project or make a decision.
Is this something I really desire?
Is this in my greatest good?
What have I communicated?
What have I heard?
Do I need to do this NOW?
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