3 Ways to Build Self Esteem

Helping to build your self-esteem and be self-confident will help you say in using your Languages consciously (without judgment). When you are using your Languages consciously you are living your life without struggle.

We all can use some self-esteem building. The key to building self-esteem is going inside for validation rather than looking to someone else for it.

Below are 3 Ways to Build Self Esteem
1. Make a List — Make a list of five things that you love about yourself. This is your Encouragement List. Whenever you are feeling sad or discourage, take out your Encouragement List and read it.
2. Feel The Joy — Now you get to feel the delight of your accomplishments. “You come a long way, baby!” So here’s your chance to feel the pride of your own work.
3. Tell a Friend — Share with a friend your feelings of joy in your accomplishments. You are not seeking validation; you are just sharing your joy in being you. Who knows, by sharing your happiness you might inspire someone else.

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