3 Ways to Get What You Want

There are several laws of the universe. One of them is: your word is law. This has been described in The Secret and much, much better in Ernest Holmes’ Creative Mind. So here it is in a nutshell. You send out requests to the Universe and you get what you ask for. Yes, it is that simple and that complicated. The complicated part is how clear we are asking and to release anything and everything that gets in the way of receiving. This week’s tip is to help you be clear in both the asking and receiving.

Below are 3 Ways to Get What You Want:
1. What are you asking for? — We ask for “things” all day long.
Do you know what you want? Are you being clear? Through out today, set the intention to “notice” what you are asking for? Any thought that comes into your mind that is a request write it down. At the end of the day, is your list full of things you truly want?
2. Being Clear — Most of us spend our time asking for things we don’t want. Spend a minute writing down everything you “don’t want.” Then go through the list and turn those things that you don’t want into things you want. An example of this is: I don’t want to be stressed out about money. The new way of thinking is: I am being provided for and one of the ways that shows up in my life is being stress free about money.
3. Make Room — On your list of things you want, is there space in your life for those things? If you want a new chair for your home is there place for that chair to go? Here’s an exercise to determine where you need to make room. Ground and center yourself. Set the intention to receive the information you need to. Ask yourself the question: “Where do I need to make room in my life.” The answer for you can be a word, a vision of a room in your house or a color. Set the intention that whatever steps you need to make to create that room be shown to you and you will have fun doing it. The final step is go out and LIVE YOUR LIFE!

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