3 Ways To Be Judgment Free

3 Ways To Be Judgment Free
We talk about utilizing your Soul Language consciously or unconsciously, and that means without judgment (consciously) or in judgment (unconsciously). This week, you get the opportunity to find out where you are judging yourself by being aware of how you judge other people. This week’s tip will also help you to be judgment free.

3 Ways to Be Judgment Free:
1. Too Big, Too Small, Just Right — Notice when you look at someone what you are judging about their physical appearance. Is it because you are self-conscious about those attributes in yourself? Every time you judge someone’s physical appearance, it is an opportunity for you to love yourself. Take a deep breath and say, “I am beautiful.”
2. Money, Money, Money! — Are you letting others determine your value? Are you placing a value on others? Today, set the intention to notice what you value and where you place your money. Do you have a hard time spending money on yourself? If the answer is yes, then today, you get to go out and spend money (any amount) on yourself, because you are worth it!
3. Watch What You Say — What are your judgment words? Take a minute to write down some words that you use to judge yourself. Here’s a couple to get you started: stupid, failure, not good enough, etc.
Now, next to each word write the antonym of that word. Every time you hear yourself say that word, in the next sentence you need to use one of the antonyms.

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