3 Ways to Spring – Language Tip of the Week

Can you feel it? Your body and soul wanting to come out of hibernation? I can feel the stir of creative energy springing through-out my world. This week’s tip is all about capitalizing on that creative force.

3 Ways to Spring:
1. Getting Unstuck — One of the issues that clients come to me for is that they feel stuck. I have never heard a child say that they feel stuck and don’t know how to move. So today, start moving like a kid. Stand up and start wiggling your toes. Continue wiggling and moving like a kid until it hits your nose and there is a smile on your face.
2. Let The Little Things Take Over — Today you get to wake up and notice all the little things that make your world amazing. From the popping of the crocus to the singing of a bird. Each time you notice a little thing, smile and thank it.
3. Get Creative — Sometimes, we assume creativity takes a lot of energy and can be hard. I have never heard a tree complain about creating a new shoot or leaf. So today, get creative. Start a new project, take up a hobby, and/or start a garden.

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