3 Ways To Attract Success

Most of you know that my “greatest desire” is success. Success to me is about “results”. This will not be a shock to those that know and have worked with me.

I believe that most of us want to achieve something. A lot of us have no idea what that “something” is. For me, that “something” is helping others understand that everything they need is already inside of them.

Do you know your “greatest desire”? Do you know what you want and how to go about achieving it? If you have any doubt answering these questions then this is the day to listen to YOU.

1. No Common Ground — How do you define success? You know my definition (result), but knowing mine isn’t going to help you attract YOUR success. Take a moment and write down all the words success means to you. This exercise will give you a better sense of what you have been truly wanting to attract.

2. Attract Begins Within — Our attract begins from within. Your thoughts are the focus, the building blocks of creating the beacon that will signal to the world what you desire, what you want, and what you need. According to The Prosperity Bible, you must have “castles in the air before you can have castles on the ground.” Take a moment and look at your definition of success. Are these the same words and thoughts you have been stating within you?

3. Conscious Creation — Ask, request, pray, dream, build, focus, believe, generate, strategize. Do not lament what you do not have. Focus on how you are consciously creating your world. Be aware of how many times a day you focus on the “I am’s” of poverty or failure. Remember, I AM is a command for your body and soul. Here are a few others: I am not enough, I am worried about money, I am not making enough. Start using your I AM statements consciously: I am in a recession proof job. I am valuable. I am and deserve to be paid well for my skills.

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