What my experience in the Revolutionary War taught me!

I learned something new every day about my Soul Languages. When you bring forth into your consciousness your Soul Languages, it opens up a flood of communication between your conscious mind and your Soul. In fact, understanding my Soul Languages impacts every part of my life. Case and point (photo), is the affirmation deck that I’m working on with the amazing artist, Caren Frost Olmsted. The card is called the Sword Carrier.
So what I learned this week about my Tone, the Graceful Warrior, (the Soul Language category that focuses on personality) once again created a new perspective and shifted additional struggle in my life. For those of you, who see the title Graceful Warrior and identify with it below, are some the of the telltale signs of this Tone:
Positive or consciously (without judgment) using the Language :
· Action oriented
· Constant courage
· The ability to find commonalities in adversary situations
· Compassionate strength
Negative or unconsciously (with judgment) using the Language:
· Always ready for a fight
· The ability to cut someone to the bone
· Non productive aggressive behavior
I often receive Guidance or Divine information in music. One of my favorite pieces of music is the opening titles to the John Adams mini series. So this week when I was taking my walk and listening to this music on my IPod, I had this amazing out of body experience.
As I was walking, I began to limp and I knew I was suddenly on my way home from fighting in the Revolutionary War. My posture became straighter and the feeling within my entire body was pure strength and determination. The determination that I image a runner has during the last leg of a marathon. I knew firmly in that movement, this was the essence of being the Graceful Warrior.
There was no “fight” in my body, just the powerful feeling of knowing that I could and would do anything I wish to do. I imagine this is what Leonidas felt when engaging the limitless Persian army.
So how will I use this new information in my daily life and with my Soul Language clients? We are all one. If I’m living my daily life this way, placing that in the energy field of the world, plus helping my clients to fill the limitless power and courage in them well…
Just take a minute and ground and center yourself. Now set the intention to feel the impact when individuals feel the limitless of power and courage in them. All I have to say is WOW.
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