3 Ways to Rewrite the Past

Who are you being? Are you being the past you, the future you, or the present you? Miracles happen in the present. In the now! A key to staying present is to be in alignment with the past. This week’s tip will help you rewrite some of the past story that has been looping in your head.

1. Direction — Take a situation from the past that you have been reliving in your head.
2. Observe — Imagine yourself in a giant movie theater and you are the situation in the front row. The movie you are going to see is this situation from the past. As the movie watcher, you don’t have any attachment to the situation or judgement. Anyone who has speaking parts in your movie, must be taken at face value. This means no adding your own commentary or thoughts of what you think they are saying or no reading between the lines.
3. Rewrite — Take a minute to write down how you would “change” the movie. Think about what your character learned from the experience and what positive impacts the situation had on your development. Now, you get to watch the movie one last time (forever) with your edits and new insight to the experience.

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