3 Ways to Be YOU!

I have been busy. Doing what you ask? Being me and being me in a BIG WAY! Here are my tips to get you back to being you.

1. Stop Moving in Circles – Take a situation that you are going through, where you feel like you are moving in circles. Take a deep breath and ask yourself which way you would go if you didn’t care what other people think! Now, take one step in that direction.
2. What Are You Expecting – We all bring something to the situation. So what are you bringing to the situation that isn’t in alignment with who you are? What can you realign to bring something new?
3. Who Are You? – Most of us are under the impression that we don’t know “who we are.” This is untrue. Make a list of all your likes, wants, needs, desires, passions, thoughts, dreams, preferences, characteristics, etc. This is who you are.

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