3 Ways to Trust

Often we have a picture of how we “think” everything is suppose to turn out and this limits us to being able to “see” the action steps to receiving what we desire. Often our mind fills in the blanks as a way of supposedly keeping us safe. This is a false sense of security. The answer to creating a new pattern is simple and complex — TRUST.

1. What filter are you using? – Often we have filters in place that prevent us from trusting and receiving. A common filter is not speaking your truth because you are afraid of losing something. Try this exercise in TRUST. In one situation don’t use the filter, and speak your truth. Notice how freeing and powerful it feels.

2. Where are you putting your energy? – It takes a lot more energy and time to be in fear then it does to be in joy. Write down the situations of things or people that you don’t trust. Ask yourself why? Now, ask yourself what you need to let go of in order (and if it is appropriate) to trust that situation. Then simply say “I let go of…”

3. Who is controlling who? – Most of the time we don’t trust in something because that makes us feel as if we aren’t in control of the situation. Take one situation today and simply let go of control and trust that it will all work out for the greatest good of all (remember you are included in the all).

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