Slumdog Millionaire, a Graceful Warrior

The movie Slumdog Millionaire sat in my apartment for over a week. I would causally move it from the living room to the office to the bedroom. Each time I would go to watch the movie, I would hear guidance say, “Not yet.”

When I finally placed the movie in the DVD player and began to watch, I was amazed. There moving across the screen in every action of the main character was a Graceful Warrior. As you know, this is my Soul Language called Tone (the Soul Language dealing with personality).

What made Jamal (the main character), a Graceful Warrior? Jamal choose a path and selected a side. With quiet strength and because he understood what mattered to him, he became a champion without violence. He was able to see his providence and the courage of truth and faith allowed him to succeed when most people would consider it impossible.

Often we believe that we need to “fight” a situation, an old pattern, or an individual in order for our destiny to be fulfilled. What would happen if you stopped fighting and started accepting? What decisions would you make differently if you didn’t feel or believe that your survival was in jeopardy? What would happen to your life if the struggle was removed?

I suggest that you take one area of your life and stop fighting. Let go and know that you are being supported. Let the faith and courage of you, be your sword, as it is mine.

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