3 Ways to Give Love A Chance

3 Ways to Give Love A Chance

YOU have the choice to spend time in fear or to give LOVE a chance to work its magic. We are all under pressure, when you step into LOVE then you allow yourself to be fully supported. No matter what you decide to do; it won’t be taking a chance when you do it with LOVE.

Below is this week’s tip on 3 ways to give love a chance in your life:
1. Sing — Pick a song that makes your heart leap with joy and when you are feeling under pressure, SING. Some of our favorite choices are: Come On and LOVE Me by Lenny Kravitz, Lifted by Love by K.D. Lang or Let It Be by The Beatles.

2. Feel – – Try this: here is a simple and profound exercise as a resource to remember what LOVE. feels like for you. In this exercise, we use your body’s innate knowing.

Sit in a chair with your feet on the floor. Silently say, “Body — place my body in a state of love” Feel the feeling until you feel complete. Set the intention to remember this feeling and that you can recall it anytime you need it.

3. Accept — Set the intention before you leave your house in the morning that you are going to be received with love (without judgement) and that you will accept others with love. See how this simple intention can change your whole day.

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