3 Ways to Change Your Mind

3 Ways to Change Your Mind

How we see life is up to us. It’s all in your mind and your perception of things. Twice this week, someone quoted Mark Twain to me, ” If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes.”

In other words this quote means to me, how you feel about something can change if you let it. All you need to do is let it be and wait a few minutes.

Below is this week’s tip on 3 Ways to Change Your Mind
1. Hope — Our bodies have no free will. If you ask your body to do something it must comply. So, just ask your body to fill you with the feelings of hope, simply by requesting, “body fill me with hope.”

2. Intention — If you set the intention to “see” a different side of a situation you will. Here’s an exercise for that. Close your eyes and request to observe a different side of the situation.

3. Ask — Sit quietly and ask yourself, what do you need to let go of to change your mind? Then ask yourself what is the first step in allowing that to happen?

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