3 Ways to Keep the Balance

In Soul Langauge the Axiom of Quest is the category that provides information about your mission – I am an Equalizer.  What that means, is that I am all about maintaining balance. When I’m out of balance, I feel as if nothing is going right. The benefit of working with Equalizers is that we can guide you to find your perfect balance in the situation that you are in and this helps you achieve your greatest desires.

How Do We Create Balance

I think we forget that life is a practice and we need to participate in it. Somehow we are under the impression that being spiritual means we don’t have to co-create with ourselves. If you want balance, you have to be willing to choose it. And, below are three things I have incorporated into my life to invite flow into it.


Stop right where you are. No moving. Let go of the doing. Rest can create balance. Pause in your life so that you can pay attention to what is preventing you from living in the NOW and ask yourself what you need today to let go of in order to rest. Then just DO it!

Get Lost in Love

Love is balance. Do something you love to do (even if it is just for a minute). Read a book, dance, or play a game with your children.


When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried or the side of your stomach hurt? Balance can be recaptured by just laughing. Set the intention today to have a good laugh. Then get ready to laugh.

One of the keys to creating more flow in your life is sacred practice and prayer. If you would like a prayer to support flow and balance in your life, click here.

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