3 Ways to Make a Decision

Don’t let fear stop you from making a decision that is in your greatest good. The tip below is design to help with helping you make decisions in your best interest.

1. Make a decision based on facts, not fear
I have often said that when you are in fear it is hard to hear guidance (from soul, from the universe, from your support team). Make a list of all the facts you know about the situation, not your thoughts and not what your family and friends think. Just the facts!

2. Talk with the gut
Take a deep breath, focus on your tailbone and now write down what your gut feels about the situation.

3. Ask the intelligent questions
Somewhere during your two list making exercises a possible solution may have popped up. Most likely it was your first gut reaction to the situation. If the full answer isn’t forthcoming, some part of it may be surfacing. Now, you get to ask the intelligent questions. If nothing is moving on the issue, could it be Divine Timing?
Could it be resistance? Could it be the Universe providing support by taking care of you in ways you just don’t understand yet?

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