Are You Giving Your Power Away?

I love the commercial with Brooke Shields about her go to people. Who are your go to people? Take a minute and make a list of your go to people. Now, ask yourself how are you utilizing your go to people? If your relationships with your support team members are balanced and healthy, each relationship should be an even exchange. Each relationship should feel blessed all around. I’m not talking about score keeping here; I’m talking about relationships on even footing.

So ask yourself some questions to determine if you are giving over some of your power:

  • Asking guidance of others all the time; without ever checking in with yourself
  • You feel drained after the conversation not lighter or inspired
  • Asking to many sources for guidance
  • Asking the wrong (for you) sources

Here’s how I work with my support team members, when I have a situation or an issue:

  • First I move from fear, so I can hear clear guidance
  • Second, then I have some sort of action strategy
  • Third, I ask if there is any additional guidance or insight that another can help me. If the answer is yes, I determine which support team member it is recommended that I call. It is important, that I set the intention to hear the guidance that this person is offering me.
  • Fourth, when I am speaking with that individual, I consistently check in to determine if the information resonates. If it doesn’t, I settle down and ask myself is this resistance. If the answer is no, I let that person know that it doesn’t resonate (with love and compassion).

It is so important to have your go to people. If after reading this blog, you feel like you could use some additional talent in your support team, simple set the intention to receive this new individual into your life. It is even more important to utilize them in the greatest good of all.

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