3 Ways to Meet Your Soul

Everyday members ask us to describe what Soul is and for tips and techniques to consciously live in Soul more.

Why would YOU want to live consciously in SOUL? The simple answer is living in SOUL is living without struggle. That’s living without struggling about money, happiness, YOUR relationships.

Living consciously in YOUR soul is easily because all you need to do is be YOU. When you have a definition to place on how you express yourself using your soul (this is what the Soul Language program is all about) life is just EASIER.

Below are three ways for you to MEET your Soul.

Be Quiet- Turn off the TV, the radio, the cell phone, the Blackberry, the computer. Now, tune in to YOU. Spend 1 minute just being still, RELAX and feel what is like to be YOU!

Roll Down the Window– Get in your car and go for a drive (with the radio off). Roll down the windows and feel the wind as it floats around your skin. Feel what is like to be ALIVE.

See The Beauty — Beauty is all around YOU! This one is easy, just open your eyes and really see all that surrounds you from the tree outside your house to your coffee mug.

F.R.E.E. class on the Know Soul’s Language LIVE OUT LOUD program. During this class you

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