Are You Trying to Be a Square Peg in A Round Hole?

I believe most of our struggle comes from not listening to our soul’s expression (or Soul Language).

Are you spending your life trying to fit into other’s definition of who you are? That can be rather painful and often you will feel struck as if you are getting no where. To quote, a great resource of love and inspiration, my friend’s 3 1/2 year old, “You Aren’t the Boss of Me.”

There is much power in that statement. No one is the “boss of you.” The key is to determine what your soul is saying to YOU, accept it and that will give you the courage to be YOU every second of every day.

What I love about understanding my Soul Language definitions is that it gives me an easy blueprint to turn to when I’m feeling like a Square Peg. I understand that my Soul’s expression is about balance and equalizing a situation. This gives me a strength and a power center to turn to.

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