3 Ways To Say NO and YES to Yourself

Are you saying YES to everything and NO to yourself?

I would never call myself a YES girl. Then, I discovered that I was saying YES to things that I really didn’t want.

I started to realize this when I began accepting ME and understood that being SELF-AWARE is not being SELFISH.

So below are three ways to say YES to yourself.

Stand Outside Yourself

Before you make a decision, take a moment and see the situation from a stranger’s point of view. When you see the situation, like someone watching a movie, you can release the attachment and make a decision that is in your best interest.

Determine Your Boundaries

How do you know if the rules are being broken if you don’t know the rules? So you need to determine your rules (boundaries). Write down your NOs for work and family (i.e., I will not work weekends). Now, you know the rules and you will find it easier to enforce them.

Think Before You Speak

There is no reason why a question or favor asked of you by someone else needs to be answered right away. Take a moment to observe the situation and really determine why you are saying YES or NO. Are you saying YES because you want to be liked?

Out of fear? The time you give yourself to think and feel will give you the ability to make a decision; not a reaction.

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