3 Ways to Stop People Pleasing

People pleasing can leave you exhausted and confused. Below are three tips to start pleasing yourself.
1. No Man Is An Island – A bad habit of people pleasing is believing that you can handle everything alone. It’s hard to receive if you don’t ask for something. Today, ask someone for something that you need.
2. It’s A Two Way Street – If your relationships are a one way street, here’s your chance to align that and start creating an even exchange. Today, express at least one way you are feeling to someone close to you.
3. Make A List – Take a moment and make a list of situations where you can fall into the yes and people pleasing trap. Look at the list and express love for yourself for your desire to serve and help. Now, set the intention to ask yourself each time when a similar situation comes up, “Is it in the greatest good of all to say yes?”

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