What Stops You From Being Intuitive?

What stops you from being intuitive? Believe it or not, we are all intuitive. Each one of us has had a gut feeling, picked up the phone only to hear ourselves saying “I was just thinking about you.”What if I told you that we are receiving information all the time from the ether of the Universe? Do you want to know how to tap into that information more? The first exercise I do with my clients is to determine where their intuitive blocks are and to help clear them.Below is a simple exercise to help you determine if you have one of the most common and simple blocks. I call these types of blocks heritage beliefs. A heritage belief is one that has been passed down to you via your family or society. These beliefs may prevent you from tapping into your intuitive side. Write down all the words you associate with being “intuitive” and “psychic.” Don’t think, just write what comes to mind. Do the words you wrote down have a positive or negative association for you?Here are some of the words historically associated with being intuitive or psychic: charlatan, fake, gypsy, conjuror, and fraud.Were any of the above on your list? Let’s take a moment to reframe any of those negative words. Here are some words to replace them with: insightful, healer, sensitive, perceptive and discerning.

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