3 Ways to Be Blissful

I’m on vacation, well sort of, this week in New Mexico. Teaching a class, enjoying hanging with a friend and her daughter and just being me. What I notice is I say the words, “I love that a lot.” I find this amazing and wonderful, because when I was younger my favorite phrase was just the opposite. Here’s to you finding your bliss.

1. Release It – Write down the answer to this question: “What do I need to let go of in order to feel my true and full bliss?”
2. Just Get Up and Walk – Ask yourself what is the first step to releasing the thing holding you back from feeling and living the bliss. NOW, get up and just do it! You will be amazed that once you take that first step how easy all the others come.
3. Set The Intention To Feel It – Set the intention to feel the bliss. Then step outside your door and feel the sun on your face, feel the slight breeze (even feel the rain, if it is raining). How good does all that feel? According to Tantric beliefs our skin is our knowledge organ for our heart. Let your heart gain knowledge by experiencing the light, the rain, the air and the bliss.

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