Arriving at Intention

Are you ready? I’m going to give you one sentence that will change the way you currently “do” your life. Intention is everything. Do you need me to repeat that again? Intention is everything.

How do we achieve any goal? How do we obtain any desire? How do we obtain any need? Intention.

One of the main reasons that people do not achieve what they desire or need while they are here on this planet is because they have not arrived at Intention.

Where is Intention and how do I get there? Here’s the secret; you are already at Intention.

Think of Intention as a room you are already in and you want to hang a picture. Here’s the catch; there is so much stuff in the room that you can’t see the walls to hang the picture. The stuff is Heritage Beliefs*, Heritage Dynamic*, and Community Beliefs*.

These are impeding you from setting your intention or to continue the metaphor of hanging the picture. So how do you begin to clear the clutter from the room? The first step is not to become overwhelmed by the clutter, but to just start with one box or “belief” to clear. My clutter has a name. Let’s take a common Heritage Belief (which also happens to be a Community Belief) as well. I AM NOT SUPPORTED. If this is a belief you share, when you hear this statement in your head does it sound like your own voice speaking? Does it sound like a parent figure? Is this phrase or something similar possibly one a member of your family has spoken?

Write down ways that you feel you are not supported.
Releasing the clutter
Now that we have looked at our feelings and ways we believe we have been unsupported, let’s look at ways you are supported.

  • Write down five ways you have been supported in the last week. These could be from a parking space out in front to help that was offered to you.
  • Now, close your eyes and imagine all of the ways that you aresupported that you can’t see. Here are some ways that occur to me. You are running behind for a meeting and find out when you get there that everyone is running behind. Now, think of all the things that you use on a daily basis that you assume will work without trouble: computers, phones, lights, car, etc.
  • Now, imagine how much you are being supported.

Arriving at Intention

How do you feel about the statement, I AM NOT SUPPORTED, now? Are you able to set intention about support now? How would you like to be supported? What does support mean to you? How much did your world just open up? Welcome to Intention!

Community Beliefs©Community Belief is a belief that you receive via your surrounding environment,culture or society.

Heritage Belief©Heritage Belief is a belief that was passed down to you via your parents, guardians orsome influential figure in a stage of development.

Heritage Dynamic©Heritage Dynamic is a situation setvia your parents, guardians or some influential figure in a stage of development

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