40-Day Journey to Understanding and Being Your Sacred Purpose

Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls ~ Joseph Campbell

path2For centuries people have been on an expedition to find out who  they are, why they are here, and what it all means. And to share all of that with others to be of service to the world.  Your Soul contains the agenda of why you are here and what you have to accomplish. Being in connection with that allows you to create a path of being your sacred purpose. This program is designed so you feel supported, protected and loved on that journey. It is also designed to provide you with all the resources and tools required for that adventure.

lost sign How do you know this program is for you?  If you are experiencing feelings of:

  • Frustration
  • Stuck
  • Tired
  • Not being seen
  • Not enough
  • Empty and unfulfilled
  • Where’s your community?
  • Judgment about your path (been on the path a long time, why am I not getting what I want or why don’t I know all the answers?)
  • Lost
  • Can’t let go of past experiences around your purpose or living your purpose
  • Afraid to make a move 

This program will jump start you in providing a:

  • Deep understanding of your purpose
  • Understanding the how of your purpose and a structure to take action that you can use again and again
  • Ways to release fear on an on-going basis (because fear is going to come up again)
  • Deep unwavering of your truth and your connection

You will feel at the end of it and know:

  • That you are enough
  • Clear on your purpose and on-going clarity of your next steps
  • Excited
  • Confident to continue to make transformation in your life
  • A knowing that you are enough to be and live your purpose
  • Closer to the Divine
  • Closer to the community you are here to serve
  • Supported by your communities
  • A deep sense of relief that it is your “turn” to live and be your purpose

If you are like me, you want to know the elements and the investment, so here it is:

Daily Understanding Your Sacred Mission Tools and Practices
Each day you will receive an email with a 5-10 minute practice to understand your purpose, release a fear or block, and/or take action on your purpose.

These daily practices can be used again and again to support your development and growth in your sacred mission and purpose.

Investment: $97

This is a program that is designed to support and hold you accountable to your sacred mission. It is designed to remind you that you are whole and complete and to provide you with structure and support so that you can understand and take action on your sacred mission and purpose. This is the hero’s journey (with all of its bliss and love). I know you have the strength to take this leap. I took the leap without looking, and honestly, without a lot of tools just with a deep knowing that there had to be a better way of being. I would be honored to share my knowledge, the tools I developed, and help you recapture your faith and trust.

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What to have a conversation to see if this program fits your needs and desires, email me at jennifer@knowsoulslanguage.net!

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