Are You Swimming Against The Tide?

There was a time when I chose to swim against the tide.
There was a time when I chose to swim against the tide.

That statement is worth repeating. Imagine the visual of that statement. Imagine yourself swimming upstream. Does it seem easy? (NO) Does it seem natural? (NO) To get ahead, I knew that I had to choose a different option; I had to choose to swim with the tide. Those who choose to work in accord with the flow of the Universe prosper and succeed.

So where are you out of the flow? First you must notice how being out of the flow manifests in your life. Does it show up as “not enoughs” (not enough money, not enough support, not enough love)? Does it show up as a feeling of unhappiness or frustration? Does it show up as a feeling of anger?

The next step is allowing yourself to understand and believe that being in the flow is your right and that it is easy. I’m going to show you how easy it is with a simple and profound exercise.

Exercise – Feeling the Flow
Get comfortable in your chair.
Let your awareness sink into your tailbone.
Ask your body to show you what it feels like to be in the flow of the Universe.
Please note that your body can do this without effort and naturally. All your responsible for is allowing nature to work its magic.

How did the flow feel? How did your world open up after you completed the exercise? I suggest for the next three days in the morning you conduct the exercise and allow yourself to float down the stream.

If you are interested in having a deeper connection

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