You are Supported and Loved in Transition

The Keys of Grace Affirmation cards are a tool for you to connect with guidance easily. I fine them useful if I’m feeling I need a little reassurance or I’m not sure what’s my next step. I love when I pull the The Gargoyle card. First, I love his friendly face and I know that even if it doesn’t feel like it I’m being guided through my transition.

Each card has a focusing word and transition is The Gargoyle’s. This card is about being protected and supported as you move from something smaller to something bigger. Another way to say that is that you are safe as you expand and accept your greatness.

The affirmation for this card, always fills me with a warm feeling — I Am Being Guided By Love and Support. Set the intention over the next week that you witness how you are being loved and support.

According to, David Hawkins, “That which you resist stays.” I think that is important to remember during transition times.

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